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Derek Barnes
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My name is Derek Barnes. I'm a Scorpio and my favorite color is burnt sienna. I also happen to be a skater/surfer of both the waves and the internet living in the suburbs of sunny Orlando, Florida not too far away from the tourist trap we folks call Disneyworld. Once living in a small apartment building, one of my surfer buddies, (who is frequently out of town,) asked me to house sit for him, and here I am today. He stops by every so often, but for the majority of the time, I own the house, except that I don't have to pay rent and duel with all the casualties of house owning. Of course that also meant my dog, Crowley, had to go back and live with my mom since the place was strict on a "no animals " rule, but It's a price I have to live with, and I'm fairly certain he's much happier being back home.

I'm self employed, running an "online business" sort of say, in what'd I'd call a fairly popular site, to uncovering and exposing the hidden freakylinks of the world. It was actually my brother's odd fascination with the paranormal who originally started the site (the then; occultresearch.com) and since he'd taken $500 of my hard earned cash to start his business, I was hired to be his lead investigator and go uncover these strange and unusual oddities. I thought "Hey, a job that actually sounds kind of interesting and something to keep the corn flakes on the table," so I was hired on the spot. Course, there were a series of events a few years back that led me to, well, become slightly obsessed with the bizarre and kooky, as well as change the site name, (Adam made the website seem like a library and I felt it was best to really intrigue the viewers and change it to something more suiting) and thus freakylinks was born, but that is a story I'm sure you all know famously about. If not, then stick around. The weird and unusual is my life.

Hurdy Gur,
Derek "is not missing...?" Barnes
VINCE: They're not human you know.
VINCE: The one's you're looking for.
DEREK: Who exactly am I looking for?
VINCE: Yeah well now, that's the six dollar question ain't it? Tell me something son; do you ever wake up in the middle of the night thinking something is in your house? You know, heard a noise you couldn't quite make out? So you get up, turn the whole damn place upside-down, 'cause you gotta make sure that your little world is still safe and sound, still just the way you left it? That ever happen to you, Mr. Barnes?
VINCE: Well, now suppose that all those times you thought you heard a footstep, or saw something flash out of the corner of your eye, you really did.
DEREK: Like what?
VINCE: Like... something else. Something fearsome. They feed on it, the fear. Like sharks to blood. The only way to stay safe is to push that terror back down deep inside in your belly. Because the second you feel it, the second you let it rise back up into your soul, that is when they come.
DEREK: What have you seen?
VINCE: Just a flash. Enough though. More than enough. Are you listening to me boy? You only see what your mind can handle.
DEREK: I don't understand.
VINCE: Neither did your brother. Not at first anyhow.
DEREK: How did you know Adam?
VINCE: That doesn't matter, 'cause they'll be coming soon.
Derek Barnes does not belong to me. He's the sole property of Haxan and from FOX's short lived Television series Freakylinks. This journal exists sorely for roleplaying from which no profit is being made. Please don't sue!