Derek Barnes (hurdygur) wrote,
Derek Barnes

Prompt 360

Exploring the paranormal you’re bound to take home a few spirits with you; I’m no stranger to having various household objects thrown across the room, or watching the lights go off when no physical body has touched them. I’ve even been fortunate enough to get visits from the non-ghost folks who’ve made themselves well known.

And if you really want to talk about invasion of privacy, try having someone, more like someones, come to you in your dreams where you’re at your most vulnerable. It’s nothing like Nightmare on Elm Street, but I will say it’s a little unnerving. Vince has done it multiple times, and the weird thing is, he’s human. Well, if you minus the fact that some very messed up corporation did some very messed up tests on him.

Then there’s my brother.

Not too long after his death, I got a strange video that had been filmed a couple days prior, and on it was Adam who looked very much alive. I started getting these phone calls, granted no one was on the other end, but somehow I knew it was him. I’d even pick up the phone before it rang. Then there were the dreams. I’ve always had strange dreams, but recently they’ve become more vivid, especially when Adam is in them. I’m still haunted by the circumstances of his death.

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