Derek Barnes (hurdygur) wrote,
Derek Barnes

Prompt 397

Ever have that moment where something truly scares you so bad that when it's finally over you burst out laughing? It can be a moment where you're by yourself, or with a friend or family member, but once the initial shock is over and you all realize you're okay, and alive, laughter is the only thing that makes you sane again.

I've had plenty of them on my own, but I've shared many of those encounters with my best pal Jason. We've both done some really stupid things in means to get a good story, found ourselves in situations where we could've died, been seriously injured, you name it. But each time, we've been extremely lucky to come out breathing. And then try to catch our breaths once realization hits.

Whenever I look back, I find myself still laughing at what happened. I still can't believe some of the things I've attempted. Call it a nervous tic, but laughter is a good remedy for relieving stress.

Tags: theatrical muse
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