Derek Barnes (hurdygur) wrote,
Derek Barnes

Prompt 369

When he comes to, the first thing Derek sees is darkness. He knows his hands around bound and he’s sitting in some form of a chair, but the surrounding area is pitch black. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long for Derek’s eyes to adjust, albeit a room with its lights still out, but he can make out several large rectangular objects in the distance. Closer to him are what appear to be other chair-like objects and he feels soft air blowing on the right side of his face.

Derek can only guess that he’s found himself captive in a warehouse. No windows anywhere (from what he can make out anyway), and he can only presume that the wind is created from a fan somewhere near. The lights flash on, causing temporary blindness in Derek, and once his eyes regain their site, he almost expects to see another person in the room with him. But no, no one else is here. At least he’d been right in guessing that his abductor tied him in a warehouse.

Unfortunately for Derek, this wasn’t the first time someone decided to bring him to one of these places and tie him down. Comes with the job. Question now was how he was going to get himself out of this situation alive.

Tags: theatrical muse
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