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Prompt 397

Ever have that moment where something truly scares you so bad that when it's finally over you burst out laughing? It can be a moment where you're by yourself, or with a friend or family member, but once the initial shock is over and you all realize you're okay, and alive, laughter is the only thing that makes you sane again.

I've had plenty of them on my own, but I've shared many of those encounters with my best pal Jason. We've both done some really stupid things in means to get a good story, found ourselves in situations where we could've died, been seriously injured, you name it. But each time, we've been extremely lucky to come out breathing. And then try to catch our breaths once realization hits.

Whenever I look back, I find myself still laughing at what happened. I still can't believe some of the things I've attempted. Call it a nervous tic, but laughter is a good remedy for relieving stress.


Prompt 388

To Mom and Dad. I’m sorry I wasn’t the easiest kid to deal with. You’ve got your good twin and your evil twin. Sad to say, I was the latter of the pair.

To Jason: I’m sorry for not believing you when I should have. Not only did we almost lose our friendship, but you almost lost your life because of it.

To Chloe: I’m sorry I almost cost you your psychology degree. And had you sent to the hospital after you were attacked.

To Lan: I’m sorry I don’t let you go on as many explorations with us as you want to. After what happened to Chloe, I don’t want to see another friend end up hurt.

To Vince: ... I still don't know what your deal is...

To Adam: I’m sorry I didn’t come when you called. If I had, you might still be alive and none of this would be happening to us.


Prompt 380

Everything my brother ever told me… well, most of everything. There are a couple of instances where his advice wasn’t the best of suggestions, but we’re just going to ignore those ones.

Although, we’re twins, Adam always acted a lot older than he was, a lot older than me by decades. I was like the younger brother in the family—even though I was born before him. He was the responsible one; he was the first to leave the bird nest, the first to buy his own house, even started his own business. All I wanted in life was to skate, occasionally go surfing and eat corn flakes. I didn’t care about taking care of business, didn’t want to, but when I finally had to “grow up” Adam was by my side both showing and telling me how to do it. Even though he’s gone, I still take his advice to heart and try to live by what he’s given me.


Prompt 369

When he comes to, the first thing Derek sees is darkness. He knows his hands around bound and he’s sitting in some form of a chair, but the surrounding area is pitch black. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long for Derek’s eyes to adjust, albeit a room with its lights still out, but he can make out several large rectangular objects in the distance. Closer to him are what appear to be other chair-like objects and he feels soft air blowing on the right side of his face.

Derek can only guess that he’s found himself captive in a warehouse. No windows anywhere (from what he can make out anyway), and he can only presume that the wind is created from a fan somewhere near. The lights flash on, causing temporary blindness in Derek, and once his eyes regain their site, he almost expects to see another person in the room with him. But no, no one else is here. At least he’d been right in guessing that his abductor tied him in a warehouse.

Unfortunately for Derek, this wasn’t the first time someone decided to bring him to one of these places and tie him down. Comes with the job. Question now was how he was going to get himself out of this situation alive.


Prompt 360

Exploring the paranormal you’re bound to take home a few spirits with you; I’m no stranger to having various household objects thrown across the room, or watching the lights go off when no physical body has touched them. I’ve even been fortunate enough to get visits from the non-ghost folks who’ve made themselves well known.

And if you really want to talk about invasion of privacy, try having someone, more like someones, come to you in your dreams where you’re at your most vulnerable. It’s nothing like Nightmare on Elm Street, but I will say it’s a little unnerving. Vince has done it multiple times, and the weird thing is, he’s human. Well, if you minus the fact that some very messed up corporation did some very messed up tests on him.

Then there’s my brother.

Not too long after his death, I got a strange video that had been filmed a couple days prior, and on it was Adam who looked very much alive. I started getting these phone calls, granted no one was on the other end, but somehow I knew it was him. I’d even pick up the phone before it rang. Then there were the dreams. I’ve always had strange dreams, but recently they’ve become more vivid, especially when Adam is in them. I’m still haunted by the circumstances of his death.


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